Odd Future covered on BBC Newsnight

It is not the most expected material to feature on Newsnight, but the Beeb’s Stephen Smith decided to do a report on LA hip-hop collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Will Kill Them All (OFWKKTA).

He was at the scene as they opened a pop up shop in London to sell their merchandise while they were in town.

With the audience not sure whether Smith gets the point or not, the inteview is somewhat cringey with him quizzing them on the ‘retail price’ of their merch and whether they pay their taxes.

There is also a quite uncomfortable moment when Smith asks the gang about their ‘puerile’ lyrics and what they mean, to which Tyler The Creator replies:

"Nothing… shit to piss old white people off like you."


Have the Beeb pulled of an edgy bit of footage or got in way too deep and made themselves look quite silly.?

We’re not quite sure…